Phase one:


Phase two: Schematic Design


Phase 3: Design Development


Phase 4: Construction Documentation


Phase 5: Construction Administration


Phase 6: Come Home To Your Space

This is the first phase of every interior design project. This is where the connection between the client, the space, and the designer begins.
Many questions come up to lead the project in the greatest direction. What are the parameters? What is the intention of the space?  What are some of the your must-haves? What style do you like? What activities occur in the space? We go over everything to turn your dream environment into a reality. Here communication is key. We are here for whatever you need and until your dream is realized.


This is where a layout for each space of your home is made. A stylish, functional, safe, and accessible layout is created based on your needs and requests.  Measurements, furniture, fabrics, space plans, review of any coding requirements, and CAD Drawings are provided. The client reviews what has been created, reviews everything, and can make changes to the layout and implement new ideas. 


Following the approval of the schematic design, a floor plan develops, elevations and other important details are gone over. Colors, finishes, furniture, fabrics are chosen and cost evaluations are prepared. All of this is brought forward to be presented to the client for review, any revisions and the final approval.


Details such as millwork, finish selections: flooring, paint, lighting plans, fixture selection, plumbing location, electrical layouts, and the complete scope of the work is completed. Bids are acquired, contractors are chosen, and purchase orders are made. 


The most exciting phase! This is when the project comes to life. The final stage where everything is installed. Through the collaboration of trades, the designer over-sees the installation to ensure that everything is received in excellent condition, correctly installed, and that the documents have been followed accurately.


Time to live in your dream home… We will accessorize with your existing favorite possessions. Add more accessories if needed to enhance personality, mood, and character. Accessories are necessary to reflect who you are and whats really important to your family. It’s the accessories we choose that distinguish your house from your neighbors and make you feel like you’re really home.