Creating luxurious livable spaces.



The Beach-side Oasis


This beach get-away for a young family with two large dogs is a practical contemporary design. 

Classic Transitional Sanctuary


A retired couple seeks refinement in a country club gem.

Families Country Club Home


Were functionality meets a busy life-style. This family wanted to mix splendor with play. 




So excited! We were just featured on the cover of "Boca Life" and our work is also published in "Home and Garden" and "Gold Coast" magazines. It was a second bedroom suite. How many people would love to sleep in a suite that was on the front of a magazine? That's how special it is. We create spaces that are one of a kind and unique to the owners that live there. What is your hearts desire? Do you feel the physical energy between you and your rooms that bring you peace and harmony? Should your space be restricted to the typical? What is it you want to experience when you come home? Is it the sense of living on or near the ocean? Maybe you love the feeling of opulence of the best hotels in NY. What brings you joy and resonates to your senses? How do you get that feeling again? Every project is as unigue as it's owner. We custom design your space and do not sell from a ware house full of imported stuff. We have relationships with dozens of vendors who care about servicing your project. We have the aesthetic, practical and technical expertise to plan, schedule, execute and manage your interior project from start to finish. Our 30+ years of knowledge about products, materials and finishes is extensive and were always ready to create something specifically for you, always combining the architecture with design style that will enhance your clients life style and well being. Whether designing a personal residence or a corporate office is a collaborative effort. Our solid reputation will prove with results in a space that is beautiful, authentic to yourself and distinctive your hearts desires.

Maura Rossi


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